Sunday, August 14, 2011


I have another confession. Lucky for me this one is not linked to my OCD or children's clothing.
This one is legit.

Hi, my name is Jamie and I suffer from arachnophobia.

I have an unnatural and overwhelming fear of spiders.

ANY spider.

That's right, little ones, big ones, hairy ones;
Anything with 8 legs scares me. Well, except an octopus, he's not really scary. But then again, I've never encountered one in the ocean. If I had, I might count him in there as well.

My mother (the ultimate science teacher) has a tarantula as a pet. See and you thought she was perfect, huh?
How anyone could consider keeping one of these in their house and feeding it, I'll never understand. In my mind, the only good spider is a dead one. You can go on all day about how they eat bugs and they are good for the environment but I'm not buying it. My version goes, kill it before it kills you. Now I understand that some are poison and some are not. Just ask Jason. He had to hire an exterminator quarterly in NC to rid us of the daunting black widows.To me, all spiders are creepy, scary and out to get me!

Including this one.

Someone thought it would be a good idea to get the boys a remote control spider. A black widow no less. The remote has been long lost but the spider hasn't lost it's wonder. They insist on hiding it everywhere that I'll seem to find it, knowing it scares the bejesus out of me every single time. It never gets old or looses it's creepy factor. They put it in the hamper, under towels and clothes, and in my bathroom. So when I get up in the middle of the night and stumble to the restroom, there it is. My heart nearly jumps out of my chest and I'm jolted awake by an over sized toy spider. It has no real proportions to a real spider. I mean if they actually grew this big in the wild, I'd hire an exterminator for there too, just on the off chance that they could migrate here. Even so, I still shudder every time I see this giant toy freak fest.

I mean really boys, in my makeup. They know well how much I hate them. They have even been known to rescue me when one of those tiny house spiders creeps up on me and I'm paralyzed with fear.
I guess it's just more fun to keep scaring your poor arachnophobic mother.

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