Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jacksonisms and other news from the Daily deFoor

This week my life, our lives are forever changed. It kinda slipped up on us without a parade or any fireworks or anything. We just woke up and it happened.
It is kinda like the first day of the rest of your life.
For Jason, it was the first day of MBA grad school. The first day of the next 2 years of school and the lead in to the job that follows. Hopefully a rockin job that he's always wanted. A job that is definitely NOT the Army which is what we've always known. A change indeed.
For Jackson, it's the first day of Kindergarten. He will enter school on Thursday and will continue in school for the next 17 years or more. Wow, that's a long time. Life will never be the same for him. It's a growing up process. We knew it was coming but it's still heavy to think that our lives will never be the same again.
Just better!

One day Jackson bit his brother on the face. I think it was a playful bite that turned wrong. WAY wrong for a 5 year old.
During our talk I asked, "Why did you bite your brother?"
Jackson said with a serious face, shrugged and said "I don't know, he looked like he needed biting?"
Wow, I didn't see that one coming. As I tried to keep a straight face I told him "Well, Jackson, you know what you look like? You look like you need a spanking!" And he did!

Overheard in the Sears bathroom: (Disclaimer, I don't normally shop in Sears but I was returning a Lands End purchase there.)
An grandmother was corralling 3 girls in the handicap bathroom stall when her cell phone started ringing. She was already a little flustered with the 3 girls you could tell and the phone ringing just really put her into a tizzy.
She said, "Good Lord, now my phone's blowin' up in my purse."
This was probably a form of cursing here in Alabama. Her Southern Baptist preacher would defiantly not approve.

My Granny has a tiny black kitten that has shown up on her doorstep. They are not much on pets but the cat insist on hanging around their house and so they feed it occasionally. Well, when we were there the boys found a great affinity for the black cat. They were allowed to bring it inside and play with it and that sweet cat just let them. It's a VERY docile cat. And I mean VERY. It will let Jackson toss it around and Lincoln carry it around by it's neck only. The boys drug that cat all over the house making it go into toy houses and under tents. They would toss it into a bedroom and say, "Kitty night night!" Oh that poor cat. Yet he never ran from then and would even sleep with Jackson at night. It either was starving for attention or was too young to know any better but the boys just ate it up!

Last week I spent 4 hours with my hairdresser in Alabama. I've been seeing Kim for about 4 years and most of the time I spent in NC, I would plan my appointments around the time I would be home in AL. I always said I was her long distance client. She really does a great job on my hair but its more than that. She's like a mentor to me. We sit and talk for 4 solid hours and not just about celebrity gossip and hair styles. We talk about life, love and happiness. She is a christian lady and very knowledgeable. She and I discuss husband issues and raising Godly children. It's really like therapy, the best kind of therapy; and I come out looking fabulous when I leave. Not everyone can say they have that kind of relationship with their hairdresser.

Driving to AL for a wedding, we crossed over the interstate where there were 4 homeless men under the bridge. Jackson is always fascinated by homeless people. I can see that, I am too. He asked me why they were homeless and we discussed what the possibilities were. Then he asked, "Do the homeless have wives?"
Hmmm, some of them do but I'd say most don't.
"Why not?"
Of course, hmmm again, well they probably can't afford them.
"Well a wife doesn't cost anything, does it?"
Ha! Sure they do, just ask your father!!!

Conversation between Jason and Jacskson :
"Jackson, are you a little nervous about starting school?"
"Yeah........Dad, What's nervous mean again?"
"It means a little worried or scared."
"Yeah, then I'm a little nervous ."
"What part are you most nervous about?"
"ummmm, I forgot."

Jackson is a Bieber hater. He sqeals every time he hears a Bieber song. They learn so early these gender roles and he's serious about it. Well, I noticed an ad with a singing toothbrush that has 3 Bieber songs. I told Jackson I was thinking about getting it for him, just to hear him protest. Instead he said, "Well, I still don't like Justin Bieber but I like toothbrushes that sing so go ahead and get it I guess."

A recent conversation between Jackson and I.
Me: "I'm probably going to cry when I drop you off the first day at Kindergarten."
Him: "It will be okay, mom, it will be just like at preschool and I'll be home in the afternoon."
Me: "Okay, but I'll still miss you during the day, you are such a big help playing with Lincoln."
Him: "Yeah, I know but I have to go and LEARN some things Mom!"

Today Jackson came home from school and the only thing I could drag out of him as to what they did was, "we played."
I asked what he played with and he said Legos. Then he said, "and there was a dumb person in our legos." I said WHAT? He repeated there was a dumb person in the legos. I could tell he was serious and soon realized that by dumb person, he meant dummy, as in not real life. I can see where that would be a bit confusing.

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