Monday, August 15, 2011

The Land of Hopes and Dreams

Today, two of my boys entered into The Land of Hopes and Dreams.

Jackson had his first day of Kindergarten on Thursday and again today for a short day.
He has just embarked on a fantastic journey through school.
He holds the potential to be ANYTHING that his heart desires.
On his first day, while walking into school I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up.
He said "A space man, a football player, a puppet show artist (new one to me!), oh, and then a doctor." After that, I'll be an Army man.
I'm thinking we're going to have a really well rounded child.
Jackson is going to be a great student. He's always been a pleaser. He wants to see other people happy. He is loyal and will be a good friend. He is so much of his father, it's hard to see them differently at this age. I have no doubt Jackson will go far in life.
Now is the time I can only hope and trust in the virtues I have spent the last 5 years teaching.

Courage: There is nothing Jackson is afraid of. He may pretend so when others are around but all his life, courage has come naturally to him. From Hot peppers to scary movies, Jackson is always bold and courageous.

Patience: When Jackson was about 18 months, I taught him patience. I thought I was a fantastic mother because he learned so quickly. This was no ordinary child I was mentoring. I would have him repeat back to me saying, "What do you need to have?" and he would reply "Paaatience." At first it was just a word but to an 18 month old, just saying patience takes a little. I quickly learned that he was a natural at this, I just had to put a word to it.

Generosity: This one didn't come quite as easily but Jackson learned pretty early on to share and give. We have always talked about giving things to the children that don't have as much as him and well, having a brother come along taught a few things about generosity as well.

Honesty: Jackson has never been able to keep a secret good or bad. I know someone else that is much like this (Jason)! Jackson is so transparent that he can't keep it to himself. Honesty flows from his mouth like water. It's been a good thing so far. It has caused him some trouble but kept him out of MUCH more.

Sure, it's just kindergarten.

But we could be educating the next Bill Gates, or Billy Graham, or United States President.

Here's to the rest of your life fulfilling ALL of your hopes and dreams!

Today was also Jason's first day as an Owen Graduate School of Management student at Vanderbilt. You bet I made him hold up a tacky sign and you can tell by the look on his face just how much he liked it. I even told him I wouldn't post them but that wasn't at all true. Here they are for your enjoyment and my writing pleasure.
Jason also entered into the Land of Hopes and Dreams today. Two years ago, our life as a family was on a much different path. As I understand it, a meeting with God while shaving in a Iraq bathroom changed our course in life and here we are attending the MBA program with all our hopes and dreams in tow. I fully support Jason in everything he chooses for our family and I love seeing him thrive on all that he will learn and discover in this program. I'm not sure where our hopes and dreams will take us but I do know it will be somewhere good, it will be together and it will be successful. Jason has a drive and a focus that I don't think I fully comprehend. Your own thoughts are sometimes masked by what the military needs but now there is no limit to his motivation. He also has more integrity than most humans walking the planet today. He claims part of it was taught at West Point but I think he must have been born with it and passed it along to his children as well! He sees his distant future in politics but whatever he chooses, it will be the right choice for our family. I fully believe in him and know that he has paved a golden road for us and this is just the final steps to a life well lived.
His kids are lucky.
I am lucky.
And here, he is silly.


  1. I can only imagine what you promised to get that picture of Jason. Well worth it. I am thoroughly entertained!!! ha!

  2. Haha, when I first saw Jackson with it I thought for sure I would see Jason too! What a sport he is. Best wishes to both of them.