Monday, August 15, 2011

Lincoln Lately

Lincoln is still very much the baby of the family. I am assured that he likes it this way and has no desire for it to change. Some of the things you'll find him doing lately(besides crying) are :

Singing. We checked out Kids Bop 15&16 from the library. It's slightly more tolerable than wee-sing silly songs. I mean, it is kinda cute. It's kids singing Justin Bieber songs. Wait, HE is a kid so I guess it's just kid pop songs. Lincoln is a big fan of Boom Boom Pow. Sure, it's long gone from the top 40 but to Lincoln's age, this song is a classic. Well, it will be. One day. He is pretty cute singing Boom, Boom, Boom but I found it really cute when he also threw in the "Gotta get, get!" part at the beginning.

In the mornings that we don't have to rush out the door and Lincoln wakes naturally, he sings in his crib. Or more likely he yells to the top of his lungs. His mantra usually includes COW, MOO, WATER. It has also been known to mention paw-paw, nana and jack-seeeeeee. He is actually in no hurry to get out of the crib while he sings. I like to think of it as his good morning wake up call. It makes his yelling much more pleasant.

At the YMCA, Lincoln stays in childcare while I go and workout. He usually really enjoys it but sometimes he regresses to his 7 month old self of incessant crying and head banging. They will come and get you if they can't get them to stop and they have had to do so a couple of times. Today when I went in to get him after class they said they were about to come and find me because he was upset and had been for about 10 minutes. I took him and asked him to stop crying if I was going to hold him. When he calmed, I asked him why he was crying.
Lincoln said "cause I baby."
Yep, a BIG ol' 2 year old BABY.

Speaking of baby, the boys had their first babysitter in Nashville that wasn't my mother recently. A girl mom taught in AL came over to watch them. Lincoln was asleep when Jackson and I talked about the babysitter and what they would do. She was a little late arriving in traffic and we had to rush out the door but I told her Jackson would tell her everything. Lincoln was eating dinner when I left. Everyone was asleep when we got home but she told me she was pretty sure that Lincoln thought her name was bebe'. He called her bebe' the rest of the night. I guess I didn't think to introduce them and he knew she was the "baby-sitter" so her first name must be baby. Now I know, introduce Lincoln, or as he calls himself "Ginkin."

Lincoln loves yogurt. He gets it from his mama. Every morning when I ask him what he'd like for breakfast he says either "Yurt, yurt" or "bapple". Those fine breakfast choices are translated as either yogurt or applesauce.

He hasn't give any thought to giving up his "bank." That would be his bumper pad strap that he managed to get off of the bumper and fall in love with. He actually has 2. One of them my mom sewed to the blanket (thus the term "bank) he favors so that we wouldn't have to transport the entire bumper pad everywhere we go, the other one is loose and it goes with us on most car trips. He will succumb to leave it in the car when we go places but it is still very much a necessity.

It's time to start considering potty training for Lincoln. He knows what it's all about but he's not committed to doing it. He has no problem telling me after the deed is done. He'll come to me and say, "Ma, I poo-poo pants." I reprimand him and we take a trip to the potty where he SHOULD be going and then ask him where do you poo-poo? He usually replies "pants" with a smile on his face. Little Punk.

Lincoln can DANCE! Last weekend we went with some of Jason's grad school friend to the Warner Parks Full Moon Pickin' Party. It's a big open field with bluegrass music, picnic blankets and tons of kids armed with mass amounts of glow sticks. The kids can dance like crazy up in front of the main stage and let me tell you, that Lincoln can cut a rug! His brother, however has no rhythm what-so-ever. It's pretty cute to see Lincoln throw down to a little bluegrass music or even Elvira which was being sung that night.
"Giddy Up Oom Poppa Omm Poppa Mow Mow"

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