Friday, August 5, 2011

Rosemary's Playground

This is what the boys call "Rosemary's Playground."
First, you have to hear the story of who "Rosemary" is.

Being a planner, I started looking for a house in Nashville in February.
We didn't move until May at the earliest. I couldn't understand why there were no houses to rent available that far out.
Doesn't everyone like to plan their life more than 30 days out?
Apparently not in the rental market.
I had searched houses that fit our price range, size, distance from Jason's school and mainly and mostly in a good school district for Jackson.
Private school was just not an option for him this year. We decided only one family member at a time can go to private school and this year was Jason's turn ( Vandy is private).
My school search was looking futile. There was only ONE, yes O-N-E highly rated elementary school in the entire Metro Nashville Public system. I had searched high and low for rentals in that area and there were none. I had convinced myself that we were going to have to settle with the moderately rated schools and hope for the best but it wasn't easy to digest being the first child I have sent off to school. I had fully planned to be as involved as possible. It was only for 2 years.
While perusing craigslist ads one day, I came across a CUTE house that looked fairly new that fit our price range and had a fabulous playground in the ad as well. It fit ALL of our criteria except being in the moderately ranked schools instead of the perfect 10 school. It was one of those, too good to be true looking pictures. I'm not the only one that thought so. Mari and I were on one of our "stomp out the witching hour" afternoon trips to the park in NC when I showed her the ad and she was well aware of my futile search. Her words were, "it looks perfect, I wonder what's the catch?"
Well, fast forward a few months and we learn that there was no catch. God answers prayers and this was one of his little miracles.
I flew to Nashville in March to look at a few homes available. This was the first I looked at. It was a craigslist ad and I would be meeting the owner at the home. She talked of how the carpet was being replaced and the walls were going to be painted. It was CUTE! It wasn't my house in NC but it was a HOUSE, with a yard and a playground across the street. My only drawback was the school system. I told her my concern and she was aware of the school I desired. We met the neighbor outside and she has school age children. We talked to her a moment and asked her opinion on the school. She told us how she LOVED their new school and how they had been rezoned to a new Harpeth Valley. This school was no stranger to me. This WAS the 10 rated school. The ONLY 10 rated school in the whole system. Where do I need to sign the lease???
That made our decision for us and we are now living in the house owned by John and Rosemary.
Rosemary is the owner of the home we live in as well as the home next to us. They are grandparents and use the homes for investment. We rent directly from them. They are great to rent from and appreciate a nice family taking care of their rental home. They
live a few miles away in a historic neighborhood of Nashville. We recently ran by their house and were invited to play on "Rosemary's playground."

They have grand-daughters and she claimed that they don't enjoy the tree house because their are bugs up there. My guys didn't seem to mind the bugs at all. They also didn't mind that it was 10am and approaching 100 degrees quickly.
John and Rosemary have a fantastic tree canopy yard and lots of great green space! It was a boys paradise and if it was 30 degrees cooler, a mama's too!

The treehouse hightlight was this fantastic zipline swing! It was so fun for both boys. We played as long as I could stand it. When I started melting (I'm sugar you know!), we had to leave.

You didn't really think a day, event or even a blog could get by without one of Lincoln's famous tantrums. They are epic, every. single. one. Somebody get this boy a cookie.

Happy once again!
I only wish they had a swinging zip line for ME!

Jackson took right to the treehouse scaling up one side of the tree and sliding down the fireman's pole on the other side. We will have to revisit this paradise when the Good Lord blesses us with some cooler temperatures.

As HOT as they were, on the way to the car, the boys actually asked me to make their pictures under the archway. They are learning to speak my language!
Look at all that cuteness under that arch! All 5 years of it!
And there you have it folks, the "cute face" provided by Lincoln deFoor.


  1. Boy they look hot! Cute, but hot!
    I wanted to comment on your bubble tea and "fro-yo" post.... we are addiceted too! We had bubble tea in CA and loved it, but we never saw it again until we got to TN and found it as a topping at our fro-yo place!
    We have to all get together soon... when it cools off you guys must come over for a cook-out. The boys can run in the backyard & we can sip fruity drinks on the back porch!

  2. That is "addicted" not "addiceted."

  3. its so fun to read about your new adventures! thanks for sharing!