Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Help

Well, he's no Minnie or Abilene from "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett.

He's much cuter and he has no use for his own private bathroom. In his opinion, he has no need for a bathroom at all but that's another blog.

But help, he's a big help! He likes it too. Well, he likes it because it involves water and Lincoln likes ANYTHING that involves water and if it makes somewhat of a mess, it's all the more fun.

I was recently reading a blog (no idea which one, I read hundreds a week) about having your toddlers help you while you are cleaning house. I bit on this one as I had an empty soap bottle lying around and I filled it with water and talked to Lincoln about how cool it would be for him to help mommy. He squirted and sprayed water, wiping it occasionally, until it was all gone.

A few days later, we had began our daily routine of cleaning up from breakfast and he pointed at the sink area said "Mommy, I wan sa melp" I asked if he wanted some milk and he said no. Again, "Peeeeese, mommy, I wan sa melp" Ok, Lincoln. So I fixed him a sippy cup of milk. He danced around stomping and saying, "No, I no wan it, I no wan it!" So finally I looked up at the sink and realized the empty soap bottle was still up there. He didn't want any stinkin' milk, he wanted to HELP!

Ok, now I get it! I got him a cloth and a new better (don't soak the floors as much) spray bottle and he went to spraying and wiping away. Here, he also demonstrates a few of the other ideas in the blog such as using the toddler for a mini sweeper, swiffer or spot cleaner/duster. It was really a great idea to build a good habit for them as well as making it seem fun. He'll learn to complain about it soon enough, too soon if he listens to his brother on the topic of making up his bed.

Just look at these sweet little hands wiping away while helping mommy! I MUST preserve these memories of him begging to help me. They will pass too soon.

I'll also try to keep in mind how sweet it is when I bust my butt on the soaking wet kitchen floor. Wiping is not nearly as much fun as spraying.

Now, if someone will just write a blog on how to make them think laundry and dishes are super duper fun, well, I might pay to read that one.
Instead, I need to stop blogging and get to work.
At least until the Help arrives.
Oh wait, I AM the help around here.
Better get to work before I am fired.

"Housework is no joke! Calgon take me away!"
Just look at that sweet little fat hand!
It takes some serious concentration to really clean these floors up nice!