Monday, August 8, 2011


Confession time.

I'm a dork. I don't like to admit this but when you take organization and children's clothing this far, there is no choice.

Do you recognize the ROY G BIV color spectrum? Yes, I went there.

These are Jackson shirts for school which begins on Thursday and Monday half days and then it's full time Kindergarten. He will wear a uniform of ANY color solid polo and khaki pants. I wasn't sure about this restriction at first. The way I dress my child is a reflection of me and I go to great lengths to dress him that way. But now that I stand back and look at my (er, his) rainbow of uniform shirts, I see that it's not going to be so bad.

The positive points are that Jackson can pick out his own clothes from these choices. He really doesn't care what he wears. He doesn't care if it's on backwards or even inside out. Lately, he's been known to not care if he happens to put on Lincoln's clothes either. So Jackson will easily be able to dress himself (I hope!).

I'm just glad I wasn't subject to uniforms in school. Oh the crisis of having to wear the same blah colored shirts and limit the amount of accessories I was allowed! That would have made high school completely unbearable. As if it wasn't already. College, that was more my style. Auburn shirt, check, Soffee shorts, check, teva flip flops. Yes. Oh and of course, earrings!
Ok, back to Jackson, this isn't about me.

We also have a brand new name on his backpack from last year's preschool. I got a GREAT deal on this adorable L.L bean backpack a few years ago and since I'm not much of a Disney character mom this is going to be the Kindergarten backpack again. We have a brand new nap towel too, with a name embroidery as well!
This kid named Jackson is ready for Kindergarten!

Then there is the beloved school supplies. I did my deal shopping and managed to purchase all of the necessary school supplies for Jackson without taking out a student loan. I just wish I could say the same for Jason! ha! With all these cool supplies sparkling and new, it kinda makes me want to join Kindergarten. Then I'd get there and be attacked by 5 year olds and remember that the YMCA called and needs to see me, pronto!

I am, however, looking forward to spending time in Jackson's classroom and at his school doing all the "mom" things around there. I hope I can help out in many ways and enjoy it as well as show Jackson that I care about his school and his education.
I know it matters.
He told me so. I asked him what he liked best about his pre-school and all of his accounts were time that I had also participated.
I'm so thankful that he will be attending a school that I am happy with.
I'm so thankful for the opportunity to have time to spend investing in his education.

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  1. Where did you find all the colors? I need to get more, but all I can find is navy, light blue, red, hunter green, black, white, blah blah blah.