Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Criddle Crimes

This is a story of Criddle the Elf and the Crimes he commits while spending his month away from the North Pole visiting the deFoor boys.  This year, he descended on our house a little before Thanksgiving in the same way he had done last year.  He visited Aunt Janie AND prepared a glorious breakfast.  The only thing less than glorious was the fact that SOMEONE was tagging along with him and he wasn't on the NICE list!  That's right, the GRINCH bungee jumped into Aunt Janie's kitchen along with Criddle.  I think he was on his best behavior that day because breakfast was delicious and there was no mess to clean up!  Criddle and Grinch made us GREEN pancakes and green milk with these cool straws to drink from.  

 He didn't forget to write a letter letting us know how it all works again.  This time, if we misbehave, the Grinch shows up instead.  He's a mean one, you know, Mr. Grinch!

 The next few days he followed us all over Alabama as we traveled.  I can never seem to figure out how he finds us but somehow he does.  We were a traveling bunch for a few days there.  Then he finally got to see our Texas home.
 It seems as if Criddle wanted to make sure we knew who had won the iron bowl the previous night.  If you turned your head for a SECOND you might have missed it!   hahahahahah!
I personally feel that Criddle is an Auburn Tiger.  The boys feel differently.

Just when we were all wondering when he would begin his mischief, he delivered poor Kermit strung up in the bathroom covered in silly string.  It was quite a mess and I told him he'd be on my naughty list if he didn't clean up that mess before he left the next day!  

 Criddle did some gambling and seemed to really be in the money which of course landed him this pretty lady. Funny how that always goes hand in hand, huh?  Men!  They are all the same!  haha!
 Then the day came when Lincoln "accidently" touched Criddle's hat.  It had nothing to do with Jackson's agging him on to "touch it".  I'm sure he did it on his own accord.  Regardless, rules are rules.  The next morning, this was the sight at the bottom of the stairs!
 As promised, poor behavior led to a note and visit from the Grinch.  While it didn't seem to hurt Lincoln's feelings too badly, I found THIS note at the bottom of the stairs at bedtime.  He had to ask Jackson how to spell it and he wrote it!  I'm certain that is a 4 year olds version of graveling.

So the next day, Criddle is back with a note from Santa forgiving Lincoln and requesting nothing but his BEST behavior from here on.  I think he got the message!

Criddle isn't always mischievous.  Even he pauses to remember the real reason for the season!

Criddle and the Hulk get to have an intense Poker match.  I'm pretty sure the Hulk has on his poker face!

Criddle was quite sure this guy needed a hug.  I think he was right.  But Old Bill still seems unaffected.  Maybe he should try smiling, it's an elf's favorite!

Oh, the things this guy gets into!  Somehow while playing with the Lego people, they decided to gang up on him and hold him hostage for the day.  I think they were reenacting a scene from Gulliver's Travels!
 It was balloons and banners hanging from our 20ft chandelier for Jackson's birthday morning!  He looks forward to finding the elf on his birthday every year!

Somehow he knew that a little chocolate and a toilet would make these two giggle and squeal because this was in our half bath downstairs!
 One morning these flyers were ALL over the house.  It was a mystery as to why there were lots of photos of elf but no elf himself until we realized he'd been playing in the scanner!
No cookie is safe around here!  Criddle was caught in the pantry face down in the oreos!

One last hoorah! with the green guy led to a snowball fight which we are SURE that Criddle won!  They had such a good time it led down the foyer and up the staircase!  

Criddle bid us goodbye while hanging out in some VERY special new stockings!  Tonight, he and Santa will fill these stockings with tons of goodies and surprises before they head back to the North Pole for a little R&R!  We always love seeing him come and all the antics he will perform and as sad as we are to see him go, he brings with his departure Christmas Morning and who doesn't look forward to THAT!  

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