Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Laughing with Lincoln

Some might think it should be titled Laughing AT Lincoln but call it what you will, that boy says some FUNNY stuff!   I couldn't help but document some of it and there is SO much more I never get around to writing down.  Never a dull moment around here.

-Overheard in the JC Penny dressing room, Lincoln to Jason:  "Isn't it funny that mom doesn't have a pee pee?!"  Jason chuckled and said, yes, yes it is.  I was sitting just outside and had to hold in my laughter.

-He got a card in the mail with snowman stickers attached to it.  He took off the sticker sheet and proceeded to build his snowman.  Then he took the sticky glue that held the paper to the card and put it on the end of the snowman's carrot nose.  "Look mom! The snowman has a booger!"  Yep, that's Jason deFoor's child right there.

-Walking out of chick fil a and a teen couple was walking in.  The teen couple that has LOTS of strange piercings including multiple FACIAL ones such as both dimples.  Lincoln proclaims out loud within earshot, "Mom, that girl's gotta lotta Spikes on her face, don't she?!"  He was right and in my opinion, she is asking for that type of attention.  She got it, from my 4 year old!

-On a recent shopping trip to Kroger, Lincoln sees a lady with 3 children.  "Look mom, that lady has 3 kids!"  I say yes, she does.  Then questions him as to if that is too many.  "Yes, it's too many!"  I then asked him to calculate how many we would have when baby sister comes along.  He thought about it for just a moment and then said, "Uh Oh!  We may have to get rid of one!"  I laughed.  I then questioned him about WHO we would be getting rid of?  He didn't waste much time saying, "We will get rid of Jackson, we will give him to Pawpaw!"  I mentioned if we gave him to pawpaw then he'd get to have fun all the time with my dad.  He pondered this and then said, "Yeah, you're right, I guess you'll just have to give me away then!"

On a side note, I LOVE how much he loves "baby sister" already.  He didn't even consider her in the child give away in his head.  There isn't a time we see girly stuff that he doesn't say how much "baby sister" would like this or that!  And I thought I was gonna have it bad for this baby girl.  It looks like I don't even know the half of it!

-At preschool, Lincoln made a craft that included some cotton balls.   I was going on about how pretty it was and he excitedly told me that he got to do a craft with "cotton headed ninny muggins".
This is a sure sign that your child watches too much Elf, when cotton balls are only known as cotton headed ninny muggins.

-I hear whispering in the  back seat.  I'm in traffic and trying to concentrate when Lincoln says, "Mom, mom, hey mom, Mommy, momma..."  I answer him "Yes, Lincoln?"  He proceeds, "Um, um, um, um.....are there bones in my pee pee?"  I stifled my giggle and told him the scientific answer of there being cartlidge or soft bones there.  I then heard those same whispers again.  "Mom said it has soft bones, Jackson!"

We entered the dreaded Wal-mart parking lot for a rare 3 times a year visit to purchase some cleaners I can't find elsewhere.  Looking for parking, Lincoln asks me if he can have some money so he can ring the bell.  I didn't really know what he was talking about until we got to the door and he held out his hand.  Apparently his daddy had given money to him for the bucket and as he dropped it in, the bell ringer allowed him to ring the bell so he just assumed that you did that each time.  It was like it was FACT.  Money in the bucket = ringing the bell.  So, he walked up, put his money in and then went to the bell ringer and held his hand out for her bell.  She obliged and Lincoln rang his heart out.  

We had to make a quick morning shopping trip.  Lincoln alone is an unusually good shopper.  We walked across the courtyard and I told him I'd give him "wish money" when we walked back if he was good in the store.  I gave him all the coins I had in my wallet and he'd close his eyes tightly then toss the coins.  I asked him what he'd wished for and he replied, "Mom!  If I tell you, they won't come true, you know!"
Wonder what an active 4 year old boy wishes for?

I should have thrown in a coin myself.  It's no secret, I'd wish for him to stay 4 forever!

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