Sunday, December 8, 2013

This is LA

So, no we haven't been to California lately (sorry Mari)!  But, we did make a trip to Lower Alabama back in October to celebrate one year of little Allie Gray.  The boys and I flew into Panama City Beach and never actually saw the beach.  Who needs the beach when you have Aunt Tracie, Uncle Wyatt and Allie!  It was nonstop fun.  Throw a little Nana and PawPaw in there because they weren't gonna miss a chance to see the deFoor bunch.  It was a house FULL!
We even had AG her 3rd, yes, I said third birthday cake and birthday photo shoot.  It was an interesting insight to what making photos of 3 children is destined to be like.

We painfully made Christmas Card photos.  Twice.  The first time the light was too low and there were a few boys that weren't participating well.  We had a little pep talk and talked about how this is an "I WIN" situation.  We will continue the torture until "I WIN" so they caved and finally did better on the second go round and the annual photo was accomplished.  Until next year when there's a third monkey in the mix.

We were on the go non-stop while visiting Aunt Tracie.  We went to the pumpkin patch, zip lining and played in the creek behind her house.  We walked to her park at least 2 times and she and I managed to sneak in some shopping in between!  We went over to GA for a most fantastic dinner.

The real fun was the stomach virus we all contracted the last day there.  I was the second victim only to Tracie and Wyatt was shortly following.  I wasn't sure HOW on earth I was going to be able to fly with my 2 children feeling so terribly bad but it was too late to reschedule.  I had just started to feel like I was going to live to see the next day (not better but LIVE at least) when Jackson got sick on the way to the airport.  I nearly cried as we changed BOTH kids clothes on the side of the highway.  Luckily, that was the end of his sickness and I recovered a few days later with the help of some Zofran!

  I do not recommend getting sick while traveling by plane.  It was less than pleasant but the trip was SO worth it!  I love that baby girl and can't wait to have her a cousin to play with!

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