Monday, December 30, 2013

It's Great to be EIGHT!

The only thing I can think when I look at this, besides "how adorable!", is Can I REALLY have an 8 year old?  I'm clearly not old enough to have given birth to this child 8 years ago.  It seems more like last year.  He's certainly smart enough to be 8 years old.  He's wise enough to be 16 and witty enough to dish with his 34 year old dad!  
For his 8th birthday, I took him to see ELF, the musical.  We LOVE Elf the movie.  We quote it year round.  I knew I wanted to see the musical and I'm glad Jackson was old enough to enjoy it with me!  It was also a fun time to see the lights in downtown Houston.  The federal building behind them changed colors.  (Note:  I love that he's not too cool (YET) to wear a painted rudolph nose for the most part of the day!)

It was a late late night and he didn't make it all the way home without falling asleep but he was great company during the musical.
We had this guy a Geronimo Stilton Birthday Party.  He is a literary character that Jackson loves. He is a Mouse reporter/detective.  He gets into all kinds of situations and we just picked a few of them.  We use a volcano as the main theme.  The boys helped me build it and we exploded it with vinegar and baking soda.  You wouldn't believe how entertaining a little kitchen products can be!  We planned the party at the park because here in Texas we have warm winters, right?  WRONG!  It wasn't just cold, the wind blew 30mph from the beginning of the party.  We were like popsicles. Funny, the kids didn't seem to mind much but I sure did.

We had a silly string fight and Jackson took the worst of it when his friends turned on him and all sprayed the birthday boy!
You see those red balloons high up in the pine tree?  Those lasted about 3 minutes outside of the car and then we watched as that $16 floated up into the trees.  Kids CAN NOT leave balloons alone until they are popped or in trees.  Noted.
Jackson requested a cookie cake and that wasn't hard to do.  Just a quick stop at the mall and he had a perfectly decorated chocolate chip cookie cake.
Nearly ALL of Jackson's friends from school made it and that was the best gift for him!  He loved having all his friends around to celebrate him.
We picked the park not far from our house because it has lots of spinners.  The kids all seem to like those the best.
We had pizza, cheese, crackers and juice.  No ice was necessary.  It was cold enough.  

Little brother thought he was just as big as the second graders.  He was with them every step!

Happy 8th Birthday Jackson!  You are one of a kind and you set the bar quite high for your siblings.  You are a great, kind and caring (mostly) brother and you will be the BEST big brother to your baby sister.  You are helpful, generous and appreciative.  You were born with a love of learning that most kids have to be taught.  You are so much your father that I can't help but love you!  Set your sights high, you will achieve more than you know.  I hope you achieve beyond our expectations and always know we love you to the moon and back!  

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