Friday, December 20, 2013

No place like HOME

We spent 9 days in Alabama for Thanksgiving.  We had a great visit but Jason and I both decided after this long of a trip, there's no place like home.  OUR home!  
You MIGHT be an Alabama fan (them not me!) if you drive 13 hours in a truck with 2 kids, a dog, 6 suitcases at 6 months pregnant!  We had big plans!  Both boys were going to get to go to this game and they were VERY excited!  We were going with Jason's Aunt and Uncle and in true Ron & Linda fashion, they didn't disappoint!  Both boys got decked out in new Alabama gear and some pretty awesome gloves to boot!   Who knew it would be CHILLY! after leaving Texas' 80 degree weather.  
 We got to see our FAVORITE family while at the game.  These people!  I'd travel ANYWHERE with them but we prefer to travel a bit lighter, and wear bikini's and not coats!  Either way, they are boatloads of FUN!
 Jackson has JUST started paying attention to the actual GAME of football.  It's complicated, I get it.  I was in COLLEGE when I figured out what a 1st down was.  True story!
 As the first few plays got underway, Jackson proclaimed, "Hey!  Somebody just threw their scarf on the field!"
  It was yellow.
 And it was a flag on the play.
  I guess everybody's gotta learn sometime.
 Lincoln was captivated by the game.  It wasn't even half time when he requested to sit with Uncle Ron.  Then he requested another blanket.  When he was sufficiently comfortable, this is what ensued.  He knows where his bread is buttered.  That boy.  Snake Charmer!
 Jackson is showing off his gloves that Uncle Ron was SURE he wouldn't need with it being 50's.  Well, It may have never even gotten to the 50's!  Those Alabama blankets and cozy seats never felt so good!
 I did most of my shopping for black Friday online this year.  So this is what our black Friday looked like.  It wasn't nearly as crowded and parking was a breeze!  We made a little family trip to Oak Mountain State Park to see Peavine Falls.  Jason has gone here for years and he took Jackson and I when Jackson was very small.  Of course the boys wanted to take the path directly to the falls and so we went.  STRAIGHT DOWN.  It might not have been my best idea at 27 weeks pregnant.  It was so steep and slippery that Jason had to concentrate on helping the boys down and I was on my own.  I stayed behind a good bit.  I took it SLOW.  I laughed, wondering how on EARTH I was going to get back UP this!

 A rare glimpse at baby deFoor.  I don't do many pics of me but she will enjoy seeing her first hike in Alabama.

 Yes, I did that.  Really.
 These are some good looking guys I've got!  I must be a lucky girl!
 I love this little bridge.  We have pics of Jackson at 18 months on the same bridge!

It was one heck of a COLD week in Alabama.  We were quite happy to be back in Texas' 70 degree winter temps.  9 days on the road and we were SURE glad to make it HOME!  

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