Tuesday, December 31, 2013

None the Wiser

If this isn't the cutest wiseman you've ever laid eyes on!  Lincoln's preschool program did a nativity for Christmas.  He was cast as a wiseman and I was responsible for making his costume.  The burlap came as an afterthought because I had it around from decorating at Christmas.  
He did a lot of standing around and smiling.  Singing and following cues, not so much but isn't that what makes preschoolers so adorable?!

They also sang "baby Jesus" and had a little party with snacks afterward.  We are so thankful for Lincoln's preschool.  It's at our church here but we LOVE it and he LOVES it.  His teachers have been teaching preschool for a very long time and they are so sweet.  He has a small class and he is learning quite a lot.  He's gone from not knowing letters to knowing AND writing them. He thrives in the school setting which is why Kindergarten is the clear choice for him in the fall.  He will be young but he likes school and is a pleaser when he's there.

Here's the video.  It's 2 minutes of shaky cellphone video but it's really cute!

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