Thursday, December 26, 2013

Santa Baby!

We saw Santa twice this year.  Neither of those times included standing in line at the mall.  I vowed to NEVER do that again and so far, I'm standing my ground.  This year, Santa paid a visit to Jackson's school.  They dressed in PJ's one evening and had cookies and milk with Santa.  It was clear that Lincoln is the most impressed with the visit to see the big guy.  Jackson got a "Everything Santa" book from Ms. Marie and he took great detail in reading the things he needed to know about Santa.  He came to me and said he needed to compose his letter to santa but he didn't want to use "Dear" because Santa doesn't like to be called that.  I giggled and thought he must have read it wrong but after looking at the book, it's very clear how you should write your Santa letter and he followed it to perfection!  He's a great writer, Jason and I both take credit for that.  
If this isn't the BEST santa letter I've seen this year!  He makes sure to ask santa about his wife and the elves! How polite.  Also notice, he used his best spelling by sounding it out.  It may not be correct but he didn't ask for my help and I'm pretty sure Santa is fluent in second grader!

 We discuss with the boys that they can ask for 3 things from Santa.  Just as Jesus received 3 gifts from the wise men.  We guide them to choose something you want, something you need and something you can use.  It makes perfect sense to us and to them.  Sure they get other things from family but our Santa brings just 3 things.  We also had a brunch with Santa at a local italian place! We might just make it tradition!  It was delicious and a great opportunity to see the big guy without long lines!  

 Another thing we learned from the Everything Santa book is Santa's favorite type of cookie!  You thought he liked sugar cookies, didn't you?  Well, according to this book printed in the 60's, Santa's favorite cookie is Chocolate Chip Nut cookies.

 These boys luckily made it onto the NICE list this year but it was touch and go for a while.  Each with their own naughty tendencies.  Until next year, Santa...

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