Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Book Review: Our name in print!

It's Here! The long awaited blog book, finished product!

It's actually been here about 2 weeks but I had to wait for the professional photo shoot for it's big debut.

I decided since I have nearly ceased scrapbooking since beginning the blog that I should have this one printed. There are some people that prefer reading print and it's the ONE sure way to know it will be here in 10 years!

Decisions: I had to decide on the company ( to print the book. This is the only one that I knew someone who had printed with and was happy with the results. I looked into others such as and but both of those consisted of html editing that I just wasn't up for at the time. It does give you more options and freedoms but blog2print won out because you simply enter your blog address and it makes the book for you, giving you the option to leave out any you wish and add the comments or not.

Product: I was thrilled with the size, print and full color photo pages. It was an exact reproduction of my blog AND it also included a cool table of contents. The pages were numbered and it automatically puts it in chronological order. It gives you space for a title page along with a dedication. It also allows for extra photos at the end of the book. It is hard bound and glossy cover which reminds me of the quality of a yearbook (in a good way).
The only SMALL complaints I can voice are the cover options are SLIM...the one I picked is the same one that the other person I know used when printing. It's the only one even close to cute. I would have preferred to have a full page photo option. Also, my comments always come between photos to explain the events. When printed, most of the text is in paragraph form while some photos are on that page, others may be on the following pages. It saves space in the book but can sometimes take away from the story.
Overall, I really loved the quality and length of the book. My ~one year of blogging was about 200 pages. If I had waited longer, I might have had to split it into two books anyway.

Summary: Super easy, great quality, affordable! If you are thinking about publishing, GO FOR IT! Your kids will love to look at it one day!

It was also a nostalgic way to spend an afternoon, looking over the past year and seeing the kids grow up all over again.


  1. This was great Jamie...I have been looking into making a book as well. Thanks for the insight. :)

  2. The book looks great, and thanks for sharing! I'm toying with that idea. Maybe as soon as I'm done with our last year's picture book...