Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jamie:Wife, Mother, Coupon Extraordinaire

What you see above is the results of countless hours of reading blogs/searching deals and about $1.18 which is basically tax on the above items. I guess you could say this is my latest hobby. Besides, raising these boys and being the ultimate (HA!) homemaker, I have been learning the art of coupon shopping. While at first I didn't think it would fit my personality, I soon realized I was born to do this. It's SHOPPING for things and although it's not diamond rings or designer jeans, it's things we'll actually use or I can easily donate (which I do!). It does require TIME and a bit of organization but I kind of look at it as my job. I spend most of the money so why not save some in the process. I had to learn a lot of lingo (ONYO, WYB, CAT, Q) all coupon terms and I also had to learn what I should be paying for things. That way you know when you're getting a good deal. In fact some things can even be a MM! That's money maker, if you have the right coupons with the right sale, you can make money on a transaction. The don't usually give you money back but that could mean free milk and we drink A LOT of milk in this house. My biggest secret is It's a great website and resource and every week, they match all the deals with all the coupons there are out there so I print what I want to buy, take it to the store with matching coupons and make my purchases. I also use the "store money" which is the "rewards programs" at the drugstore chains. My favorite are CVS , Walgreens and Target, in that order. They all allow "stacking" which is a store coupon on top of a manufacturer coupon which means better deals for me!
So, I get the Sunday paper. I have a few friends save their inserts for me (and mom!). I don't cut out the coupons though. I date the insert and when my shopping lists shows I need a coupon, it also tells me the insert and date to go to and find it. That's when I cut it out.
I've learned that sales come around about every 6 weeks. If I buy enough cereal when it's on sale, I won't need anymore until it goes on sale again. I've also learned that there are some things you should just never have to pay for. It will always go on sale and be free or nearly free with coupons. Some of those things are toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, shave gel, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. You think you are brand specific? Well, most of the things I buy are "name brand" because those are the companies who put out coupons on their product. So, if you enjoy the name brand things, you might just be in luck.
Interested? Questions? Ask me. I love to get others addicted. It is somewhat of an addiction but at least it benefits us and others. I can think of worse thing to be addicted to. I have already gotten about 5 boxes of things to donate for our "operation Christmas child" boxes thorough Samaritan's Purse at our church.
Now on to more "Are you kidding me?" or "Is she crazy?" photos.
This was my weekly trip to Walgreen's. I'll break it down for you to see the prices.
What I got:

6 airwick freshmatic imotion starter kits-3.39
2 pack of Pampers diapers- 7.49
2 packs of Pampers wipes-2.12

I used:
6- $4 off airwick Q
2-$1.50 off Pampers
2-FREE wipes wyb Pampers

My total was $9.09 and I received a $3 Q to use on my next purchase at Walgreen's (note: they also take these Q's at the commissary!!)

Ok, I admit this one looks a little crazy. This was my WEEKLY shopping. I did it all in one morning. It was also one of my best trips. If you care to read the details, they are below.


2 Herbal Essence Shampoo
2 Herbal Essence Conditioner

2 Aussie Hairspray
2 Herbal Essence Hairspray
2 glade Sense and Spray air fresheners
3 John Frieda Shampoo/Conditioners
2 Emerald Dark Cocoa Almonds
6 sobe life waters (used raincheck for bogo sale last week)
10 tubes of mini m&m's ( no, we can't eat all of these. I want to be the house on Halloween that gives "the good candy")
1 Purex Laundry Detergent Sheets

I used:

4- $2 off clairol products
4- Free styler wyb aussie/herbal shampoo or conditioner
2-$3 off Glade Sense and Spray
3-$3 off John Frieda
2-$1.50 Emerald nuts
3-bogo sobe life waters
2-.50 off m&m CVS coupon
1-$3 off Purex sheets

My total was 8.45 after I used up (9.50) of my ECB (reward bucks) but I received a $3, $5, and $3 rewards back to use next time.


16 small bags of Purina One dog food (roxy's brand!) -1.99 ea
3 Airwick imotion automatic air fresheners-3.99 ea
2 cans of cream of mushroom soup-1.50 ea

I used:
16 $2 off ANY size Purina One dog food
3 $4 off Airwick air fresheners
1 $3 RR (reward bucks)

My total was 3.36. That is tax only on these items!

Target was my biggest win, probably ever:

30 single load Tide Ultra 2x detergent packs-0.97
Goldfish smores-1.59
Campbells soup-1.50
2 Chef Boyardee mini bowls-1.07
2 Del Monte Fruit bowls-0.97
2 Sobe Life Waters-1.02
Yoplait Sundaes yogurt-2.00
3 small bathroom baskets by Target Home 8.99 ea
2 small bathroom bins by Re 5.99 ea
Torpedo swim toys (for Jackson) 3.48 clearance
2 pair of my fav undies (sorry for the TMI) 4.00 ea
2 Diet Dr. Pepper 2L

I used:

30 $1 off ANY tide
0.75 off Goldfish
$1.00 off Campbells soup-MQ(manufacturer coupon)
$0.50 off Campbells soup-TQ(target coupon)
2 $1 off Chef Boyardee-TQ
2 $1 off Del Monte fruit cups-TQ
2$0.50 Sobe-TQ
1 bogo Sobe -MQ
0.50 yoplait-TQ
0.50 yoplait-MQ
3 $10 off bath furniture Target Home
2 $5 off RE bath item
0.75 off 2 Diet Dr. Pepper-TQ

My Grand total before coupons was 100.41................

After Coupons I paid $10.41!!! My total savings today was 88.42.

That's about 90%!


  1. I will call you can call me grasshopper...teach me your ways!

  2. Jamie!!! I am beyond impressed. Seriously, I need to MAKE TIME to do this! Libby's right--you the masta'!!! :)

  3. I so want to learn this technique! With 2 growing boys and one income this would be awesome!! I'm looking for a class on it!! good job Jamie :)

  4. That's amazing! I can't wait to get back stateside to try our coupon luck!

  5. That's amazing Jamie, I bow down to you in your awesomeness.

  6. You inspired me a while back with your couponing ( that's not a real word, is it?Oh well). I NEED INSTRUCTION!!!! I have a problem with the coupons because there hardly ever coupons for things we use. Do you come across coupons or sites for the organic products?
    With the impending additions I am starting to panic thinking about feeding SO MANY people on a tight budget. You need to give a class. Over brunch!

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