Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Twas the first day of Preschool

Twas the first day of preschool
and on the way there,
Jackson coddled his mama
saying "it'll be just like daycare."
I said we would miss him and he said
it won't be very long.
I said "who'll watch Lincoln
and help him along?"
He said "You can watch him
and play with him too."
Then I asked "what'll we do all day
without you?"
He says "You can just do whatever makes you happy."
"Like crafts or something, you can make one for me"
{this is what he does when he's away from ME, ,like church class, etc.!}
What he doesn't know is I'm enjoying this BEAUTIFUL SILENCE, you see!

That was our preschool morning conversation. Jackson had no reservations about school. He was up getting dressed before I got him up. He was out the door with the backpack and ready to go. He's never been a shy one and he can be the sweetest kid to always try to find a "solution" to your questions. He wasn't going to miss me. I knew that. I thought I might miss him but I have to admit, this silence I hear is kind of nice. I know he's getting interaction he needs with other kids and I'm getting important stuff done (like blogging!). So for now, we both win! I can't wait to hear his stories when I pick him up this afternoon. Here are the photos of the guy who couldn't wait to get there!


  1. Nice backpack, Kid!!! Jamie your boys are beautiful! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

  2. How is it time for preschool already? And how did you not cry dropping him off? I am weepy just looking at the pictures.
    I may have to show Claire some pictures of Lincoln because he is a cutie. I would let her date a deFoor boy....