Saturday, August 14, 2010


Gone are the days of a quick trip or weekend “getaways.” I didn’t “getaway” from anything. The whining, the laundry and the “feed me’s” followed me here.
Gone are the leisurely days at the beach laying out and reading a book. Now I chase a crying 1 year old who needs a nap while keeping a fearless 4 year old from being taken away by the rip tide.
Gone are the days of a cooler filled with beer and ice. Now our cooler carries, mostly juice boxes, diet soda and creamer for the necessary morning coffee.
Yes, Gone are the days of staying up late and sleeping in late. Even with the courtesy room darkening blinds, we all go to bed when the kids do. One, they refuse to go to sleep without knowing your fun is extinguished and two, you’re too tired from chasing them to stay up anyway. Oh and then there’s the fact that they are sure to wake sometime before dawn, realize they are in a new place and be up for the morning. Here’s where the necessary coffee comes into play.
Gone are the days of wishing for sunny hot days. Now, I long for cloudy (not rainy) days that don’t require sweat or the re-application of sun screen multiple times.
Gone are the days of driving around looking for a Grande breakfast. Now, I don’t even bother turning down powdered egg and weak coffee buffets because that doesn’t require leaving the property and that simply requires too much effort.
Gone are the days of late drinks and dinners. Yep, now we eat at the Mexican restaurant at the beach because it was the only place without a wait. Mind you, it was only 6pm.

These are the days that we get to walk on the beach before anyone else has stepped foot on the sand.
These are the days we get to be the first at the pool and the first at the waterpark.
These are the days we are back in the room having a picnic lunch over the coffee table of turkey and mayo sandwiches at 11am. It will soon be naptime.
These are the days when excitement comes from the “giant crab” while driving down the road. Or there’s the “giant bucket” that dumps water on you in the waterpark.
These are the days WE will remember. These are the days we will make memories for our children to reflect on. These are the days that will simply go by too fast. These are the days we will want to hold onto forever…and all too soon, they will be GONE.

{Photos and vacation recap to follow.}

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