Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lincoln's Lovies

I didn't think Lincoln had attached himself to anything besides ME. By this age, Jackson had his beloved bear bear and of course the paci. Well, Lincoln loves the paci and I knew he loved his bed. He will sometimes stay in there upwards of an hour "singing" or humming to himself and occasionally go back to sleep in there. That's how I discovered, Lincoln DOES have a lovie. It's just attached to the bed. I walked in a couple of times to check on him in the morning and found him laid ACROSS the crib with his head laying on the plush bumper pad. He had a FIRM grip on the strap that ties it to the crib. After I noticed, I saw that when I would lay him down, he would immediately turn and grasp the strap for comfort. I tried to entice him with one of the cute sea horse glow worms that sings and yes, he likes it. I also have he AND Jackson's favorite toy, the crib aquarium (that toy has been worth every dime, 10 times over). Now, not a night goes by without him turning it on at 2 or 3 am but we've decided now, he's doing it in his sleep while tossing about. He still turns it off and on every morning for about half an hour. Of all things, he loves a strap? I guess to each his own. One morning, I caught him drifting and got these pics of him and his bumper ties. You also see below just how endearing he feels about his sea horse. I find it on the floor every morning when I go into his room.

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